MELT clothing

MELT clothing
Creepy cute & Pastels

yukifuckedthemeta said: Where is Melt currently located at?

Stockholm, Sweden.

Anonymous said: How you do to draw your own sweaters ? with some pc program or something?

I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Anonymous said: Are you still planning to start a webshop? Love your stuff!

Yes I am! But I don’t know when, maybe it will take a year. I’m so sorry but a lot of love to all people who still supports me in this. <3

Anonymous said: Why have a tumblr if you aren't even selling anything...?

Why not?

To show things I guess. The plans wasn’t to have trouble with the bank and not be able to do things because of the moving..


Did an for all kinds of questions! (Sweater from MELT)


Did an for all kinds of questions! (Sweater from MELT)

(via cosmashanti)

Anonymous said: Can I buy the cross sweatshirt? How much is it and do you have plus size?

It’s not for sale, so sorry!!

yumeiji said: Mmm both moon designs are gorgeousssssss!~

Thanks! I really like them.

Anonymous said: the bat and the mooooon! <3

I really like that one! And the cat one too, the moons are lovely.~

Been sketching on some sweet jumpers today..~ Which one do you like the most?

bvtchr said: I would love to help out with designs and such, if you need it. c: I'm totally into creepy cute & pastels omg. I'm good with Photoshop as well :~)

I don’t think I need help, but that’s seriously so sweet of you! ♡
But ofc I would love to see more creepy cute and nice pastel designs out there, I’m always looking for inspiration! :D